It depends. Do you want to teach overseas for a year or two or make it a long-term career? Before investing your time or money in any TEFL course, you’ll want to do a little research. The first thing you should know is that the TEFL industry is largely unregulated. However, it’s generally accepted that there are four tiers in the hierarchy of TEFL qualifications:

Tier 4: Bachelor and Master degrees in TEFL/TESOL. 2-4 years full-time. $10,000-35,000.

Tier 3: Top rated certificates/dilomas, e.g. RSA CELTA. 1-6 months full-time. $2,500-5,000.

Tier 2: Quality certificate course, e.g. TEFL Plus Canada. 1-2 weeks part-time. $800-2,000.

Tier 1: Online TEFL courses. Wide range of quality. 1-4 weeks part-time. $300-800.

TEFL Plus Canada aims to offer the best value and highest quality course content of any Tier 2 course in the Canada. Tier 2 courses are generally for people looking for a good quality TEFL course that is relatively short-term and allows them to continue to work and/or study.
With a constant need for English language education in many parts of the world, especially Asia, the TEFL industry continues to grow – but it has also become much more competitive in the last few years. For someone to get a reasonably decent teaching contract at a school, college or other overseas employer, you really need to meet  key criteria employers now expect from applicants:
  1. Have a degree from an accredited Canadian university (or foreign degree equivalency).
  2. Be a native speaker of English (or a native speaker equivalent).
  3. Have a TEFL certificate.
Our instructors are among the best in the industry and will be pleased to advise you on some of the best TEFL opportunities overseas, such as the JET Program in Japan, the NET Scheme in Hong Kong, etc. However, we do not promote ourselves as an employment agency, and we caution anyone who expects a TEFL course provider to find them a teaching job. The fact is, you will be the one who applies for and signs your teaching contract. Once you secure a teaching contract, the staff at your new overseas school will help you process your work visa, arrange accommodation and deal with all the other issues unique to their country. In short, you should select a TEFL course based on the quality of course content and quality of instructors.
Our staff are experts in all areas of the TEFL industry. Through our experience, we are fully aware that if someone does not have a degree (or in the process of completing a degree), or if someone is not a native speaker (or equivalent), it would be extremely difficult for them to find a good TEFL position anywhere in the world. That is why, for professional and ethical reasons, we only accept people on our course who meet the key criteria currently required in the TEFL industry.
We believe we offer the best part-time, short-term TEFL course in Canada. Period. TEFL Plus Canada offers you five distinct advantages compared to courses of similar cost and duration:
  1. Excellent Instructors: All of our courses are taught by exceptionally qualified and experienced TEFL professionals, far above the quality of staff at most other TEFL courses. That means your instructor has taught in multiple countries, holds at least a Master’s degree, and can confidently discuss with you what to expect in terms of teaching, students, your contract, learning expectations and culture. Simply put, we have among the best instructors in the industry.
  2. Excellent Course Content: Our content features precisely the knowledge and skills you need to confidently build your English teaching competencies to succeed in your first overseas assignment. The course has been compiled by developers with over 20 years’ experience in the field, reviewed and validated by a PhD, and continuously updated. You will learn theory and skills, develop teaching activities and actually teach on our course, in a supportive, positive learning environment.
  3. Small Class Sizes: We’re experienced teacher trainers and we know that class size matters, especially for intensive professional training. That’s why we have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 participants per course. There will always be time to answer your questions!
  4. Matched to Industry Expectations: Our course has all these industry-preferred features, as well as an examination and research paper. Yes, our course is challenging compared to other similar type TEFL courses, but if you do some research, you’ll find that the TEFL Plus Canada course has features that are typically found only in TEFL qualifications that are much longer and much more expensive.
  5. Our Prerequisites Are a Sign of Quality: Another real difference with our course is that we don’t accept everyone. We only train those applicants who possess the qualifications and attributes that, combined with our course, will result in a reasonable expectation to find teaching work overseas, based on the current TEFL industry standards and trends. So, if you have (or will soon have) a degree, are a native speaker, and are willing to commit to the intensity of our course, we promise to develop in you precisely the skills and knowledge you’ll need to succeed in your first overseas teaching assignment.
We accept PayPal, VISA and cash. You can get a 100% refund up to 1 week before the start of your course. However, after that - as we have to pay for the room, materials and space, there are no refunds. However, if you do have to cancel at the last minute, we will give you a full value credit for any TEFL Plus Canada course within a 12-month period following your cancellation. All course fees, taxes, and materials and refreshments are included in your registration fee. If you have any questions about our registration or payment process, please write to us TEFLPlus.Ottawa@gmail.com
The TEFL industry is largely unregulated. Although some TEFL courses may suggest that they are ‘accredited’, the fact is that there is no industry recognized accrediting body. The onus is on the public to do their due diligence and research TEFL course offerings. The TEFL Plus Canada course curriculum, as well as our course certificate, are certified by TEFL Plus Canada and validated by a PhD in the field. Our course certificates are serialized, which means that any school you apply to can check and validate your TEFL Plus Canada certificate by going to our website, entering your unique certificate code, and verifying the course content as well as your date of certification. The security features of our course certificate protect both you and future employers.